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About PCC

At PCC we pride ourselves on being able to provide accurate guidance to script writers
and producers on all aspects of policing. With our intimate knowledge and experience, we are confident in helping all productions and achieve their goals.

Meet the Team

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Gary Kinch

Gary served with the Met Police for 23 years. He trained as a uniformed Police Constable at Hendon and then moved to Hackney Borough where he quickly progressed onto a specialised firearms team. There he underwent further training as a Detective and worked there for 10 years on CID, Robbery, Burglary, Sapphire and Financial Investigation Teams.
From there he joined specialist teams dealing with serious and organised crime, targeting organised criminal gangs involved in Money Laundering, Drug & Firearm importation and supply. He utilised his National Level 1 surveillance training and driver training throughout his service.
Upon promotion to Detective Sergeant, he spearheaded a team reviewing and serving material for high profile Public Inquiries.
Gary has spent his whole career in public facing roles, initially proactively targeting benefit fraud and now, following retirement from the Police he is employed as a Local Authority Film Officer, helping to bring productions to Essex.

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Jo Kinch

Jo worked for the Met for more than 29 years, initially trained in fingerprints, cadaver printing & fingerprint development techniques.

She then worked for 5 years as a scene examiner & mentor at Hackney Borough before being promoted to Senior Forensic Practitioner. 

For the next 19 years she worked with the Flying squad and within the serious and organised crime directorate, dealing with firearms, robbery and other organised crime such as kidnap, drugs and trafficking. 

She’s worked on complex cases with a cradle to grave approach culminating in providing evidence at court, often as an expert witness.


At PCC we enjoy working with other experts trusted in their field of knowledge and are able to call upon them if required.

Steve Dixon

  • Production recces

  • Production meetings/onsite/online

  • On location Police advisor

  • Police liaison in obtaining CADs, Police incident reference numbers for firearms, weapons, drones, helicopters, SFX

  • Contact for Local authorities

  • Deliver onsite/online talk/presentation into safe and lawful filming

  • Filming on the move advice and route recces

  • Knowledge on past locations used for filming

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