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Bringing realism to your production.

Criminal Investigations

Creating the most realistic criminal investigation storyline.

Criminal Interviews

All aspects of suspect and witness interviews.


Current and historic methodology and practices. Crime scene recreation.

Court Room

Guidance on the most realistic representation of UK Courtroom activities. Including Magistrates, Crown, Coroners & Public Enquiries.


Advice on current and historic equipment and uniform used in the police world.


Providing advice around methods and techniques used in general policing and criminal investigations
including specialist crime areas.


With over 80 years of experience in policing, forensics and investigations, we provide advice to theatre, TV and film industries.

Our Services

We provide advice and guidance in the following areas:

  • Benefit Fraud

  • ​Covert Policing

  • Courtroom Skills

  • Crime Scene Management

  • ​Fraud Squad

  • Informant Handling

  • Kidnapping

  • Money Laundering

  • Driving Techniques

  • Drug Importations

  • Financial Investigation

  • Firearms

  • Flying Squad

  • ​Forensics

  • Organised Criminal Networks

  • Public Enquiries

  • Serious Crime

  • Sexual Offences

  • Surveillance

  • Volume Crime

And many more.

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